Editec UK is a market leading sports betting, lottery and gaming solutions and service provider in Africa with a strong presence in more than 20 countries, and management satellite offices all around the world.
The retail divisions work with the renowned brands Premier Bet, SBA, Mercury International, Guinée Games and R&S Betting.

The gaming industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Africa, creating sustainable jobs and generating new sources of wealth and revenue in the developing markets.
The people of Editec are experienced professionals, passionate and committed to working together to develop maintainable and responsible gaming activities throughout the continent.



Across our Operations, we hire remarkable operations managers, commercial managers, finance managers as well as IT Infrastructure specialists, who run the retail operations throughout the 20 countries.

London The headquarters of Editec

London is the management centre, providing support to our retail partners across Africa. London incorporates marketing, product, including sports betting and lottery, finance and data analytics, HR, maintenance, project management, customer support and retail operations departments.


The team in Paris builds and maintains POS systems; such as sports betting and lottery terminal hardware and software, in order to provide world-leading lottery solutions to our customers in Africa.


IT specialists in Bucharest develop gaming software using the latest generation technologies and methodologies, and provide support for the retail network across Africa.

Gothenburg SolidIcon

In Gothenburg, specialised developers provide software infrastructure, games and new IT technology to operations in globally.


Administrative and Support Office

Mission and Strategy

Editec’s fundamental strategy is to strengthen its presence globally through developing unique gaming platforms, providing the most efficient payment solutions and offering the largest variety of games to its customers. We constantly strive for excellence in performance, technology and creativity.

Editec excels in offering the best customer gaming experience, by providing players with a range of games equipped with technologies suited for emerging markets, quality betting shops, friendly and fully trained staff members, as well as informative and easy to use websites.


Social Responsibility



History and Operations

Founded in 1997, Editec has established a unique business model with headquarters in the UK, IT centers in Sweden and Romania, hardware and distribution division in France as well as a satellite advisory office in Lebanon.
All divisions exist as separate entities to enhance efficiency and flexibility.

The retail division operates through an extensive network of local agents, franchising, betting shops, points of sale, mobile and gaming platforms.
In total, there are over 650 shops and 55,000 points of sale providing lottery and sports betting services across its footprint.
The retail operations in Africa provide employment to over 60,000 local people. In the upcoming year, Editec is seeking to open retail operations in three more countries.


Sports Betting

A comprehensive range of sports betting games and markets available on Point of Sale.


Editec offers lotteries in the form of fixed odds and number lottery games, as well as jackpot lottery games operating in a number of countries in Africa.

Virtual Games

Digitised variations of games including virtual horse and dog racing, virtual football and a variety of numbers games.


Human Capital and Company Culture

Editec hires directly 330 employees and consultants who are unique individuals and excel in their roles of establishing and growing the business in the face of challenges encountered in the emerging markets.
We work closely with governments to ensure best practise is maintained, positively managing currency fluctuations and political, economic and social uncertainties.
Editec is a company where passion and business find the perfect breeding ground. Variety of languages, cultures and legislative frameworks provide a landscape for creativity, allowing employees and consultants to excel in their experience and skills, while making work at Editec an adventure. Discover more



EDITEC UK LTD. 4th Floor, 114A Cromwell Road
London SW7 4ES

LONDON office


21/23 rue Eugène Dupuis, Bât. 5.6 et 5.6
Zone Europarc, 94000 Créteil

PARIS office


Drottninggatan 10
411 14 Göteborg



Strada Dr felix 87 1 St floor



3rd Floor, Sasco Building Sursock Street - Achrafieh

Lebanon office